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1964-66 Mustang Kit, SB Ford, T5

1964-66 Mustang Kit, SB Ford, T5
1964-66 Mustang Kit, SB Ford, T5
PN: PKG-Mustang-64-66-SBF-T5
1964-66 Mustang Kit, Small Block Ford with T5
Customize to your exact needs
Standard Features
Select Transmission: TREMEC Super-Duty T-5 5-Speed Transmission
Select Bell Housing: Bellhousing, QuickTime, SB-Ford to Ford T-5 or 3550/TKOs
Select Clutch Actuation Type: 1964.5-66 Mustang, LF Series Hyd Clutch Master Kit
What is your Horse Power Range?: Under 300 hp / Mild Street Usage
Select Flywheel Components: FW, LBS, 157 Tooth 28oz imbalance only, 10", 10.5" clutch facings, includes alignment pins. 289, 302, 351W, 351C
Select Shifter Components: Shift lever, Hurst, Chrome, Classic style 10x5.5x1.3
Select Crossmember Components: Crossmember, 1965-66 Mustang T-5
Select Pedal Options: Clutch Pedal, 64.5-66 Mustang
Select Speedometer choices: Speedometer Cable, 1965-66 Mustang, 5/8" barrel style
Select Driveshaft Components: Slip Yoke, 28 spline, 1310 U-joint, T-5/C4/Toploader/AOD/AODE
Price: $3,360.45

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Product Details

1964-66 Mustang Kit, SB Ford, T5 "Build Your Own" Kit

CUSTOMIZABLE Kits - Rather than supply one kit that fits most, our kits are put together for the specific vehicle model/year/engine/transmission and horsepower/usage range. Not only are they designed with the above parameters in mind, the kit is customizable by you! If you already have a part or some of the parts, just select none to customize the kit they way you want it.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Modern Driveline kits are designed to the specific vehicle and driving style for quality fit and function. Kits are stocked with a selection of parts designed to work together for that "perfect" installation experience.

Everything from the FLYWHEEL back to the DRIVESHAFT are selectable from the following categories:




The best choice for your ride is a New TREMEC T5, with the stock TREMEC shifter mechanism OR optional Offset/Low Profile Quik Shifter.


You have a choice of Aluminum or Steel bell options to fit your needs. Forks, covers and other items are selectable to match your requirements and compatibility with other components.


No matter what your requirements are we have a solution. Stock horsepower may only need a stock style cast flywheel. For higher performance requirements we recommend billet steel flywheels for their strength. OE style hardware is available, as well as, ARP bolts.


We offer full range of clutch kits to match your performance and driving style. All clutch kits come with throw-out bearing (if needed), pilot bearing or bushing, and alignment tool. You can choose from OE style mounting hardware or ARP hardware.

Clutch Actuation Components

Your left foot needs a way to connect to the clutch. It is your choice whether you use the original stock linkage (if you have it), or step up to a cable style system designed specifically for your vehicle, or the ultimate in Light Pedal feel, the LF Series Hydraulic Clutch system, with choices of external or internal release bearing. Are you switching from an automatic? We have the clutch pedal and new pedal pads and trim rings to complete the project.


You won't be disappointed with the OE quality look; solid box construction, integrated emergency brake bracket and gloss black powder coat. Includes hardware. Solid rubber mount is available for a vibration free ride.

Shifter Components

Your right arm needs a way to connect to the internals of the transmission. Classic Hurst styling or Original Equipment (OE) styling is your choice. The lever, boot, and ball will complete the look you desire.

Back-up Light Harness


Simplified connection to your factory wiring.


Mechanical speedometer cable and driven gear are the normal minimum required. But if you already have the cable then maybe you only need the gear or clip. Do you have Electronic gauges? We have the components to provide the signal.

Speedometer Components


Select from general kits to flywheel and pressure plate bolt kits.

  • High grade OE type or ARP Flywheel and Pressure Plate bolts
  • Bell housing install hardware
  • Other assorted hardware


Chose a completed drive shaft with optional u-bolts or the component pieces like a yoke and u-joints to upgrade your old driveshaft.


Customize the kit to whatever you need or don't need.