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PN: MD-506-1031
Price: $19.50
Transmission speedometer adapter to convert from a Ford Slip in driven gear drive to a GM speedometer cable. Used a lot with Ford T-5, all 3550/TKOs, Ford T-56 with cable drive and all T-56 Magnums.
PN: MD-506-1032
Price: $15.95
This insert holds and seal GM driven gears for the GM transmissions like GM T-5, four speeds, and automatics. Comes with the retaining plate and hardware. It is not for the new MDL Front Shift tailhousing.
PN: MD-506-1034
Price: $21.50
MDL Aluminum speedometer cable plug kit that fits any Ford slip in speedo cable hole. Comes with a sealing o-ring and built in retainer tab. Made in the USA