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Hydraulic clutch actuation components. Custom designed solutions for both the master and the slave side of the setup eliminate most of the frustrations with retrofitting hydraulics into classic muscle cars.

The Masters connect to the pedal thus are designed and built to mate to the specific vehicle firewall and pedal.

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PN: Bleeder Kit
Price: $24.00
PN: MD-910-0013
Price: $235.00
Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder for 1969-70 Mustang & Cougar
PN: MD-910-0022
Price: $235.00
Hydraulic master cylinder for Ford Falcon & Mercury Comet * can be used in Ford Galaxie*
PN: MD-910-0032
Price: $250.00
Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit for Ford Fairlane 1962-65
PN: MD-910-0043
Price: $285.00
Clutch Master Cylinder Kit for 66-70 Fairlane, Falcon/Comet & for like models
PN: MD-910-0105
Price: $245.00
Corvette Hydraulic Clutch Master for 1963 to 67 C2 series
PN: MD-910-0162
Price: $215.00
Hydraulic master cylinder for the Chevy C-10 & C20 series pick-up
PN: MD-910-0602
Price: $215.00
Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit for 1961-66 Ford F-100
Price: $305.00
11" Chevy LS to LS T56 / FORD 10-Spline Organic facings