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Speedometer Calibrator, Electric to Electric

Speedometer Calibrator, Electric to Electric
Speedometer Calibrator, Electric to Electric
PN: MD-506-2001
Weight: 0 lbs 12 ozs
Price: $170.00
Product Details
Speedometer Calibrator, Electric to Electric

Any change in a vehicle's tire size or rear axle ratio will cause the speedometer reading to be inaccurate. The Electronic Ratio Adapter (ERA) is designed to correct this problem. With the ERA, you simply hook up four wires, set the DIP switches according to the calibration table included with your order, and you are ready to go.

What does the Electronic Ratio Adapter do?

The automotive industry has a great variety of part sizes, types, shapes and descriptions, but regardless of make, model or year, a few things are standard. One of those standards has been the number of revolutions a speedometer cable will make for each mile travelled. Nowadays, electronic pulses have replaced the rotating cable, but the same principle applies. The Pulse Ratio (the number of pulses per mile travelled) remains the same, regardless of speed, since the same distance is travelled and the same number of pulses have occurred each mile no matter what the speed was during that mile.

However, this Pulse Ratio can be made to vary from the true when modifications are made which change the number of electronic pulses per mile on a particular vehicle. This is most commonly caused by changing the tire size (increasing the outside diameter of the tires will cause the tire to travel further before making a complete revolution), but other modifications could have the same result. When the Pulse Ratio is thrown off, the speedometer/odometer will be inaccurate and corrections must be made.

This relative difference between true speed and the speed indicated on the speedometer is called the Variance Ratio, and it is corrected using the AbbottElectronic Ratio Adapter.

Wiring Diagram of Abbott Electronic Ratio Adapter:

Abbott Electronic
Ratio Adapter
(Red Wire) + 12 volts, ignition on
(Black Wire) Ground
(White Wire) Signal in from the speed sensor
(Blue Wire) Signal out to the ECM