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Engine Type: Ford Y-block
PN: MD-401-2105
Price: $175.00
Adapter plate. Narrow pattern Ford/Y-block car bellhouisng to 83-93 Ford T5, or Y-block truck to 94-04 Ford Front shift T-5, w/hardware (No rotation) Bell # Truck TAAB7505
PN: MD-401-2105CCR
Price: $175.00
Adapter, Y-block to Ford T-5, w/hardware Standard T-5 counter clockwise rotation which positions the tail shaft mount flat.
PN: MD-401-8055
Price: $1,091.00
Bellhousing, QuickTime, Ford Y block to Ford T-5 or 3550/TKO500-600, requires MD-LBS-Yblock F/W and 9606 starter

Built from high grade steel - Work hardens to over 80,000 PSI strength. Over 2 times the strength of any other steel bellhousing.
PN: MD-LBS-Yblock-CO
Price: $335.00
Special 164 tooth flywheel for MD-401-8055 (RM-8055) Steel Bellhousing.